Dick Devos: now joining the FAA

Have you heard of Dick Devos joining the FAA? Well, he now holds a seat on the Management Advisory Council. With his wife Betsy Devos taking on education reform in Washington, it’s only natural to have political aspirations that place you near your beloved as well. Devos has been working for awhile with aviation partners, […]

The Truth About Freedom Checks

The truth about freedom checks Recently the media introduced something new called the ‘’freedom checks”. They air an advertisement with Matt Badiali holding a big test of $ 114,287 looking precisely like the tax refund check. Many investors with minimal knowledge have dismissed it as a scam that works for a tiny percentage of the […]

Sheldon Lavin Managerial Strides.

Sheldon Lavin is currently the CEO and Chairman of OSI Group which is a distinguished market leader in the food industry. Over the past decades, the company has witnessed a remarkable growth in terms of brand establishment that is linked to the high rate of earnings. It started out as merely a butcher shop run […]