The Securus Video Visitation App

Prisons have been an institution in society for centuries, however, recent years have seen dramatic changes in the philosophy and methods used in the operation and maintenance of prison facilities. One major change is the increased integration of technology. This is apparent both in the area of security as well as daily life within the […]

Russia Oppose Democracy as Advocated by George Soros’s Open Society Foundation

George Soros, the American-Hungarian billionaire created the philanthropist group, Open Society Foundation. Soros, who is best known for his hedge fund organization, Soros Management Fund founded OSF and another foundation, Open Society Institute to help countries particularly in Europe to transition from communism. Today, the two charity organizations are involved in funding projects aimed at […]

News About Beneful Dog Food

Beneful is a pet food that is produced by Nestle PurinaStore Pet Care. They have been making it in various forms since 2001. It is one of the most successful dry dog foods in the United States. Over 14 million canines eat Beneful dog food every year. However, this brand has come under some scrutiny […]

Beneful Dog Food Rocks: Four Paws Up!

When it comes to our dogs, we would do anything to keep them happy, active and healthy. That’s why proper nutrition plays a key role in the development and maintenance of your dog’s life. Essential vitamins and minerals come in each bag, can or tub under the Beneful brand. It’s all about sound nutrition and […]