Wikipedia Steps Up

Undoubtedly, if you use the internet at all, especially a search engine, you are familiar with Wikipedia. This collaborative online encyclopedia, while imparting us with knowledge, also serves as a powerful marketing tool. Online presence is a “must have” in today’s market and when you create a Wikipedia page that is attached to your business website […]

The Genius Of EOS’s Marketing Game

EOS lip balm has beat out household names like chap stick and Blistex, becoming a household name of it’s own for Millennials. The brand in only seven years has risen from a small startup to outselling these previous top sellers. The three founders saw a niche in the market and wanted to take advantage of […]

A Success In Packaging Design: EOS

EOS lip balm is the product all females have become aware of. Any female that shops at the drugstore has seen these bright spherical orbs hanging off product stands and has wondered what they are. Many have picked them up, tried them, and have fallen in love, just waiting for the next flavor to be […]