Organo Gold: Offering People Quality Products And Lucrative Business Opportunities

Organo Gold is one of the fastest growing global network marketing companies. Founded in 2008 by Philippines native Bernardo Chua, the company’s mission is improve people’s lives by helping them attain new levels of well-being, balance and freedom through the combination of their premium products as well as the lucrative business opportunities they offer. Through […]

Shafik Sachedina And Volunteer Work

Shafik Sachedina is an eminent doctor who also represents Jamati Institutions. He’s a department head for the organization right now. He manages many things through this exciting and promising position. Sachedina puts together all sorts of programs and ideas that are beneficial for the people of the Ismaili community. He handles interactions that relate to […]

Securus Technology Acquires a Leading Government Payment Processing Company, GovPayNet

The recent acquisition of GovPaynet by Securus Technologies has impressively allowed Securus to bring in 40 million new payment processes a year.   Securus Technologies, led by CEO and president, Robert E. Pickens, is a leading technology solution provider to governmental agencies throughout the U.S. Currently serving public safety, corrections and law enforcement agencies, 1986 […]