Alex Hern: Founder And CEO Of Tsumani

Alex Hern is no stranger when it comes to engaging with early stage companies that believes are on the brink of changing the market regarding advance technology. As of today, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer and founder of his business, Tsunami, a technology enterprise that has made its way up as a leader in the market. Hern shares what makes his company grow is by having executive decision makers deal with sales efforts. It’s also all about taking advantage and being productive on a daily basis. This is why he spends 4-5 hours each day thinking how he can push his company forward and be successful.

Hern has participated in the leadership of technology companies. This involves an email marketing and web directory company called Yesmail. The organization went public and was immediately snatched up by CMGI for nearly $650 million dollars. The business now goes by the name of Moduslink Global Solutions. In addition to that, Alex Hern has had a place on the board for and Titan Network Systems. He is a firm believer when it comes to saying that multitasking does not help us at all. In fact, he believes the more we try to do something all at the same time damages our actual performance.

For him, the idea and concept for his Tsunami business came at the time when the industry begin to transition away from CPU computers and landed into an era of GPU-driven models. Alex considers himself to be a thinker and is always focusing on the best ways to move forward and be effective in the market. He’s all about reach and sustaining goals. He doesn’t shy away from admitting that macroeconomic conditions are hard to control it can ultimately damage your business. He lives by the philosophy that you should always prepare for the worst.

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