Alex Hern Is At The Center Of The New Wave Of Technological Advancements

Alex HernCompanies that don’t adapt to the ever-changing technology will eventually phase out. That is why a company you probably saw a few decades ago is no longer operating. Now, Tsunami XR is here, thanks to Alex Hern. The technology is revolutionizing how we interact with the world. The Tsunami cross reality is a reality to virtual continuum that brings together everything in between.

With Tsunami VR, Alex Hern is way ahead as far as technological advancement is concerned. The technology is part of the new technological advancements wave that is likely to change how we connect to the world. Mr. Hern is the Founder and CEO of Tsunami VR. He is a renowned entrepreneur with several portfolio companies including Mobile Incorporated and Mobile Work.

It is believed that better internet infrastructure will fuel XR user experience even higher. The 5G infrastructure is currently in the development stage and when it will be finally rolled out, XR will overcome numerous hurdles. Users want to use it anywhere at speeds that match fiber-optic speeds. T-mobile, Sprint, and Intel have expressed their interest to develop network.

Recently, Alex Hern participates in 5G Forum in San Diego, sometimes, as a guest speaker. Best minds across the world in the technology industry come together annually in the 5G Forum to brainstorm and discuss matters pertaining to technology and even come up with new innovations. 5G being a core part of the mobile world, it rings well with Mr. Hern and he looks to innovate in this area.

You are probably wondering, what is the difference between XR and VR? Well, XR encompasses virtual reality, 360-degree video, augmented virtuality and other terms. If you are ready for 5G, you should also be ready for XR because it is estimated that latency will reduce significantly. Remember when 3G dominated in 2000s? You remember spending hours downloading video content? Well, 5G will revolutionize our online activities even further with amazing downloading speeds. With 5G, cross-reality is the future.

Alex Hern believes that cloud-based computing is the future for XR. It will fuel its use without much investments into upgrading computing devices. Mr. Hern sees a future with numerous possibilities with cross-reality.

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