All You Need to Know About – Michael Hagele

Most people believe in pursuing their career in the field they have earned a degree in rather than what they are passionate about. This isn’t the case with venture capitalist and Silicon Valley attorney, Michael Hagele who combined his passion for law with the love of technology. Hagele has served as a general counsel for various high-technology companies but believes that same caliber of counsel services as big firms can also be provided by smaller firms. Read more about Michael on Crunchbase

His academic background includes an undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa. After that, he went to the law school – UC Berkeley, starting his career at Fenwick & West in the Online Commerce and licensing wing. He believes this to be his groundbreaking achievement that ignited him to reciprocate the high caliber of representation displayed by big firms to a small-scale firm environment. According to Michael Hagele, the key to success for an entrepreneur is to develop the belief of always putting the customer first.

Launching a new concept like Hagele did come with a lot of mental stress and challenges and Hagele believes that the best way to restore your mental health and cope up with stress is through regular physical activity and exercise. It helps him sharpen his mind and recharge him. The activity he enjoys the most is riding his bike because it usually helps him develop good ideas or figure out the solutions to problems.

Alongside providing counsel services for biotechnology, high-tech and aerospace firms, he is also an energetic venture capitalist. His area of interests largely lies in AI, specifically the subject of genetic programming. He feels that with these capabilities, uncertain ties between sets of data can be identified by the analysts. Michael Hagele also believes that machine learning unravels the possibility of identifying the unknown or understanding unforeseeable concepts of a program’s impact. This could result in eliminating hefty costs involved in program expansion through better insights.