An Example of an Entrepreneur Provided by Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe has made a successful career for herself. She has proven herself as an entrepreneur. One thing that she has done was get involved in the online dating relationships industry. She has looked at the market and solved some issues with online dating for women. One thing that she wants to do is challenge some of the unspoken and yet established rules of the dating game which she believes hinders women from finding type of man they want. Among the rules that she s addressing is who initiates with in this circumstance. All of her ideas that she has brought forth have come together with her Bumble app.

Whitney Wolfe made Bumble completely different from the other dating apps. For one thing, she has made it to support her ideas. One of the ideas is that women should not have to wait for a man to message her. She wants women to be able to send the first message to her match. Whitney Wolfe’s intention with Bumble to empower women and let them know that they have the freedom to explore and take some initiative. Another good thing about Bumble is that more women will realize that quite a few men actually appreciate being approached online.

Aside from being an entrepreneur, Whitney Wolfe is also an innovator. She has taken the time to look for other areas in the market where people can use help. Then she has created an add on to the Bumble app called BFF. This is where women can come together. For one thing, women do need to be empowered and encouraged to claim their right. Another thing they need is the support of one another while they move forward in their relationships or deal with disappointments from their latest dating efforts.

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