Andrew Rolfe – Helping Raise Funds for Ubuntu Education Fund

The African continent has the largest population of deprived people in the world, and each day hundreds of adults and children die there due to the lack of some of the basic requirements like food, lack of medical supplies, hospitals, and doctors. Many organizations are actively working on rehabilitating these people and reach out to as many as possible, but the efforts made by so many organizations also don’t seem to cover it all. One of the organizations that have been actively working towards providing education and health care to the children here in Africa is Ubuntu Education Fund. The focus has been on education from the very beginning because it would help the next generation to understand right from wrong and take on the leadership positions in the local community to make it better, stronger, and self-sufficient.


Currently, many parts of Africa runs on foreign aid and private donations, but that can change only if the people are educated. Education has the power to change and transform, and it is the right investment made by Ubuntu Education Fund to build a better tomorrow for the people here. At present, the Ubuntu Education Fund is rehabilitating over 400,000 citizens in Africa, and the organization is trying to increase that count through massive fund raising initiatives. Jacob Lief, the CEO of the Ubuntu Education Fund believes that empowering children with education would ensure that a rock solid foundation is made for the better future of Africa.


Andrew Rolfe, who is the Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund, has also played a vital role in enhancing the fund size of Ubuntu Education Fund and its outreach in its operational territory. Andrew Rolfe has studied commerce from Oxford University and completed studied in Business from Harvard University. Andrew Rolfe is also the managing director of a reputed investment and capital management firm named PowerBook Capital Partners. Andrew Rolfe recently rose over 600,000 GBP for the Ubuntu Education Fund through the charity gala dinner organized in London. Andrew Rolfe continues to find new ways to expand the fund size and its outreach, so that Ubuntu Education Fund is able to achieve its objective of empowering as many local communities in Africa as possible.