Avoiding Disasters With Wikipedia

Wikipedia has become one of the most trusted sources of information on the internet because of their strives towards accepting only accurate, well written articles. Getting an article approved by them isn’t easy though. The site goes out of their way to review all written submissions with both fairness and scrutiny to ensure only the best pieces make it through. Any that have spelling or grammar errors are automatically rejected. Also, those that are pushing someone’s personal agenda through biased opinions are not allowed either. 

Because Wikipedia ranks up so high in popularity, they are often in the top few listings when a person does a search in a web browser. Businesses and even celebrities love to have a Wikipedia page because it makes them more visible on the internet, and it can also help with their online reputation management.  An example of the dangers of what happens when someone edits a Wikipedia page hit the headlines recently when Leonardo DiCaprio’s page was hacked. Phrases containing explicit profanities were inserted in to every few words of his featured article. The hacker was attempting to mock the star on his recent award of an Oscar for a movie role. Now, DiCaprio will have to pay someone to repair the damage done to his page by this unfortunate event. 

Unfortunately, many Wikipedia pages get attacked or rewritten with crude language as a means of amusement by the immature. One Wikipedia editing service called Get Your Wiki can help though. They have an experienced staff of Wiki writers for hire who can write articles that are guaranteed to be accepted by Wikipedia, and they also monitor and update Wiki pages to ensure that they stay accurate. 

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