Barbara Stokes of GSH

Barbara Stokes studied Physics and Biomedical Engineering at Mercer University. He also took more studies at the same institution that included Technical Communication, Properties, and Structures of Matter, Thermodynamics and Manufacturing and management. She celebrated her graduation in the year 2001 at Mercer University grounds.

Barbara Stokes has extensive qualifications and experience in government contracting programs she presently serves GSH of Alabama, LLC. She works with a team of staff members who help in the implementation of the organization’s projects. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Barbara Stokes is also one of the most active community developers. She volunteers in various charitable community development projects, especially, in Huntsville Community. Barbara Stokes is a family woman. She has a husband, and together they have three children.

Barbara and her spouse launched a company in Huntsville. The firm has since then collaborated with Federal Emergency Management Agency, commonly known as FEMA, to manufacture permanent residential for its customers across the country. It employs various manufacturing and management skills to come up with high-quality products and services for its customers.

Some of the services that Barbara Stokes and her team provide to the clients include building schoolhouses for campuses, land planning and utility installation, military projects and residential developments.

In an interview with Ideamensch, Barbara Stokes talked about her experience that she gained from past positions when she was working with Pisces Corporation and Boeing. She revealed that her skills in government contracting were developed in her former role.

Barbara Stokes noted that her success in various projects comes from her coordination in working closely with her team to bring ideas into life. She acknowledged her team for supporting her ideas from conception to full implementation.


Barbara Stokes revealed that she was excited by the manner in which women have taken their skills into business and leadership. She congratulated all women who are keen to become part and parcel of the community development. Stokes said that she had high hopes that the trend of women getting into politics, business, and other management fields would continue to grow in the coming days.

Barbara encouraged young and ambitious entrepreneurs that they should never underestimate their potentials. She advised upcoming leaders to always aim higher in everything that they do. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.