Biography of Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is one of the successful business persons in Brazil. He is one of the people who has done a great job of ensuring that the real estate sector in Brazil is headed in the right direction. Auriemo Neto has been in the industry for over two decades. He has done a lot to ensure that the real estate industry in Brazil competes with other countries. Through a company known as JHSF Participações SA, he has led the country in creating some of the most magnificent real estate properties in the world. This company has been trying as much as possible to bring changes in the country by facilitating the development of high-end properties. They are mostly involved in the development of the commercial property as residential property in small scale.

Jose Auriemo has been working with this company for the past two decades. He is currently the chairman of JHSF. He has also served as the CEO and overseen development of many projects by this company. He has guided JHSF into the retail business where they have partnered with some of the top businesses in the world to create a successful business like no other.

The Business of Fashion has recognized Jose Auriemo Neto for the role he has played in the growth of the real estate industry. He has proved that he can assist the company and the country achieve more than the structures. He has partnered with international brands such as Pucci, Hermes, Valentino and other. These brands have opened stores in shopping malls that are being opened by this company. Jose Auriemo featured in the BoF 500 list because he has contributed to the growth of the fashion industry in Brazil through the work he has done. The editors of the BoF make a list. They hand pick individuals from all over the world. Jose Auriemo Neto received his honor recently.