Jason Hope And Room For Doubt

A lot of people seem to think that confidence and faith means that there is no doubt in one’s mind. However, the fact of the matter is that there is always going to be some doubt when it comes to any type of activity. As a matter fact, many of the most successful businessmen have […]

Cotemar Mexico: The New Beginning of Petroleum

Cotemar Mexico is like the concierge of the petroleum industry. Cotemar Mexico is one of the leading technology and construction companies of the 21st century. Providing construction, innovation, custom design, and shipping services, complete with off shore catering and custom company services, Cotemar Mexico is the leading innovator in assisting your petroleum company with maintaining […]

Philip Diehl Appointed Chairman of Industry Council For Tangible Assets (ICTA)

Early July this year, U.S. Money Reserve won the bronze medal in the thirty-seventh Annual Telly Award for the piece codenamed ‘Philip Diehl IRA.’ This award highlighted the company’s 401k and IRA programs available for simplified employee health savings and pensions account. Through the IRA program, individuals are allowed to transfer money into a precious […]

George Soros Calls for Investment in Ukraine

Increased European assistance to Ukraine would be a total win for all of Europe. That is the premise of George Soros’ well-developed plea for more international support for the budding democratic reforms in Ukraine. While George Soros acknowledges that the Ukrainian people have overcome great odds in fending off Russian aggression, there is still much […]

Russia Oppose Democracy as Advocated by George Soros’s Open Society Foundation

George Soros, the American-Hungarian billionaire created the philanthropist group, Open Society Foundation. Soros, who is best known for his hedge fund organization, Soros Management Fund founded OSF and another foundation, Open Society Institute to help countries particularly in Europe to transition from communism. Today, the two charity organizations are involved in funding projects aimed at […]