Securus Technology Acquires a Leading Government Payment Processing Company, GovPayNet

The recent acquisition of GovPaynet by Securus Technologies has impressively allowed Securus to bring in 40 million new payment processes a year.   Securus Technologies, led by CEO and president, Robert E. Pickens, is a leading technology solution provider to governmental agencies throughout the U.S. Currently serving public safety, corrections and law enforcement agencies, 1986 […]

Securus Technologies Creates Crime Prevention Strategy

Securus Technologies began their professional start as an inmate communications provider regulation network appointed by the local Public Utility Commission. The government has always had strict telecommunication rules that have been a part of the Securus initiative for a reliable and safe network. However, with their own crime prevention program they have ensured their customers […]

The Securus Video Visitation App

Prisons have been an institution in society for centuries, however, recent years have seen dramatic changes in the philosophy and methods used in the operation and maintenance of prison facilities. One major change is the increased integration of technology. This is apparent both in the area of security as well as daily life within the […]