Clay Hutson shows Confidence in Audio Design and Engineering

When it comes to blending both technological and creative design into a performance, Clayton Hutson has everyone covered. Clay Hutson started out as an audio engineer for other companies before going to work for himself. When he was finally ready to go it alone, he put his focus into managing, designing, and producing live music performances. With a focus on rock music, Clay has managed performances from very well-known artists, such as Guns and Roses, Pink, and Lady Gaga.


Clay Hutson spent a lot of time working on his skills in as many aspects of live music production as he could while he was employed for other companies. As he was gaining a reputation as a thoroughly hard worker, he was also gaining marketable skills which he took with him as he started his own company.


A lot of planning and forethought goes into a Clay Hutson performance. When he first gets to work on any project, he will start by developing new audio and video concepts. He will also tinker with set design, light design, and audio design, all with the help of the latest computational design software. Hutson believes it is very important to stay on top of the very latest trends in set design, such as mobile lighting.


Clay Hutson believes that the key to his success lies in his experience. He has received the reputation of being thorough and very willing to stay longer if that’s what it takes to get the job done. This allows him to find new work based on the word of mouth of his old clients. As he is working on a task, he checks his work over and over again. He also coordinates with his crew before every design by assigning them task lists with both major and minor chores, because even the smallest task could improve or downgrade a performance.


Before each performance, Clay is usually the first one there. He’s looking over the venue, finding storage for equipment, and coming up with set ideas as he looks everything over. He is involved with every single aspect and task involved in setting up the venues, and he makes sure that everyone in his crew has specific instructions on what to do next. It is this attention to detail that has given Clay Hutson his reputation among audio and set engineers. Learn more: