Cotemar Mexico: The New Beginning of Petroleum

Cotemar Mexico is like the concierge of the petroleum industry. Cotemar Mexico is one of the leading technology and construction companies of the 21st century. Providing construction, innovation, custom design, and shipping services, complete with off shore catering and custom company services, Cotemar Mexico is the leading innovator in assisting your petroleum company with maintaining regulations within your business and customizing solutions for the care, maintenance, construction, and food catering and in-house services for off shore oil rigging and shipping. How can Cotemar Mexico help your petroleum operations run more efficiently and smoothly? Send them an outline of your business operations and let them give you ideas for ways in which they can keep you within regulation requirements while also providing comfort and ease for your employees and all of your operations!


Cotemar Mexico provides shipping solutions for your petroleum operations. They provide light barges, towing vessels and shipping structures to assist and provide services for your towing and shipping needs. This helps you transport equipment easily and effortlessly, while also providing you with personnel services, such as in-ship support, maintenance, light materials shipping, and food service catering for all of your transportation ships, your off shore operations, and the care and maintenance of small sea vessels which need to be brought up to perfect condition. You can worry about the large operations and the care and maintenance of your large facilities. We will do all of the grunt work for you and provide you with the personnel services to keep everything running smoothly and to keep your employees well take care of.


There is no need to cut costs in order to run your operations with a higher profit margin, Neither you nor your employees have to live more strictly while taking care of your petroleum operations. Simply outsource the care, maintenance, light shipping, and all personnel feeding and cabin maintenance to Cotemar Mexico, and we will take care of everything for you! Your business, your entire petroleum operations, and your peace of mind are safe with the modernization services and employee care provided by Cotemar Mexico. We even washing and ironing for you and all of your employees!

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