Dick Devos: now joining the FAA

Have you heard of Dick Devos joining the FAA? Well, he now holds a seat on the Management Advisory Council. With his wife Betsy Devos taking on education reform in Washington, it’s only natural to have political aspirations that place you near your beloved as well. Devos has been working for awhile with aviation partners, and it makes sense that he would make this move to join the FAA after being appointed to the council in September 2017.


However, who knows what the future will bring for the quintessential businessman. He has already begun working with the FAA on several new policies and ideas for future growth for the American aviation industry. It was this that fueled his decision to join the council in the first place. The council meets every quarter to discuss new regulations, policies, budgets, security, and employment. In recent years, it has been difficult for the FAA to take on some of the problems that airlines and airports have had due to the influx of technology.


There are many airports in the world who simply have better technology and security options than the ones in America. For this reason, President Trump called for action as he wanted America’s aviation industry to be just as powerful as it had been previous to the 2000s. This was when the airlines began to crash and break down due to a de-stabilized marketplace.


As stocks have begun to fluctuate, airports have really begun to suffer. One such airport was Gerald R. Ford International in Grand Rapids. This was Devos’ hometown and favorite airport. He even co-founded an aviation school on the grounds of the airport with his wife. Devos saw a lot of opportunities for the airport and began to work with the CEO to help expand and bring in new ticket sales.


After 10 years, the effort has truly shown to be one of the more successful turnarounds in the aviation industry. An airport that used to be dead with no activity is now a thriving international stopping point for travelers between Canada, Mexico, and the United States.


Devos will continue to work with the FAA throughout the next couple of years. He will be giving them advice on how to help airports achieve greater sales and hopefully continue to work with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport throughout 2019.


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