Dr. Mark McKenna, Entrepreneur and Doctor

Once in a lifetime opportunities don’t happen very often. But luckily for Dr. Mark McKenna, he has had several chances to succeed and meet his goals.

He graduated from Tulane Medical School, planning on practicing medicine, but always had an inkling of what was to come. Since his father was also a doctor, he saw first-hand the impact of insurance companies’ reimbursement rates and how they affected his practice. So rather than practicing medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna decided to build a real estate business in New Orleans. Unfortunately, when Hurricane Katrina hit, his business lost millions. But that didn’t stop him. He ended up moving to Atlanta and opened ShapeMed, a company that offered Botox injections and other cosmetic treatments. He had another opportunity to grow when Lifetime Fitness bought this business and he was on staff. He was with Lifetime for about a year but left when it was bought by another company.

Dr. Mark McKenna has always been dedicated to his community’s health, so he decided to open another business called OVME. OVME is located nationwide. Customers can access OVME through the app and can connect with freelance practitioners who can make house calls. OVME is not a traditional business. They offer facial services, like Botox, body and health services, and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, which is an option to stimulate hair growth for hair loss. OVME’s team also offers weight management but not the traditional way. Their process is to start with the DNA analysis of the patient.

Dr. Mark McKenna was always seeking opportunities to help in his community. OVME offers perks, discounts, free monthly treatments, and same day appointments. They have partnered with foundations, such as Make-a-Wish, where a portion of the proceeds will be donated to families. When Hurricane Katrina hit, he teamed up with construction companies and helped relocate families that were low and middle income.