Dr. Mikhail and his incredible research on Rapamycin

A theory started emerging in the past few years about aging that there are ways for curing it. Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is one of its staunch believers. He is an oncologist and a scientist by profession. He has dedicated his whole life to create a medicine that can control the process of aging. He is considered as a person who is the discoverer of the secret behind immortality.Dr. Mikhail graduated from First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. He was awarded the titles of M.D and Ph.D. from this university. He decided to start his professional life by becoming a professor so; he decided to join Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He taught Oncology to his students in this institute. Apart from teaching, he continued his research work on oncology in this cancer institute. From this institute, he gained knowledge about cancer. One day, while carrying out the research, he found out that a substance called as Rapamycin has a lot of benefits. It can help in the formation of a drug that can reverse the aging process. This drug can prove beneficial towards immortality. When he got an initial familiarity with this substance, he thought of carrying out a detailed research on it to find more about its properties and benefits.

He led a group of scientists to gather more information about rapamycin and its potential in reversing the aging process. His colleagues were able to deliver a positive news to him through their hard work and perseverance. According to the research finalized by Dr. Mikhail on rapamycin, it was found out that it is a drug that is used to treat cancer. It has two centric models which have the ability to reverse the aging process. These centric models were called TOR and MTOR models. They can be found in three ways. The first way of finding these models is by using genetics. Those healthy individuals that have these two centric models are likely to transfer them to their offspring. The second way is the cellular senescence. In this method, the new cells created by TOR and MTOR models will have the same centric models in their system.

These new centric models can be drawn out from the rejuvenated cells which were transformed by rapamycin. The last method is from diseases like Parkinson and Alzheimer’s disease. After a person is able to get these models in their body, his immunity will become really strong. He will become more immune to deadly diseases. Though Dr. Mikhail’s research deserves a lot of praise, yet it is still not final, and he is still conducting various tests to prove his theory.His theory was published five years ago in 2012. It was presented to a group of scientists. At first, his theory was mocked and ridiculed. No one believed it. But, Dr. Mikhail stood firm in his research and those scientists who used to negate his theory are now somewhat taking his work seriously. They now also believe that with the help of rapamycin, an anti-aging drug can be created. Nowadays, Novartis, a famous drug manufacturing company is making its own anti-aging product.