End Citizens United And The Ethics To Serve The Public, Not For Profit

There are now numerous causes that we can support, that we can put our names behind and can show our full dedication for. We show our support to aver our beliefs, our passions, our desire to take action and our passion to make sure that we hit the goals that we set. In the case with End Citizens United, it is its mission to show support for those who can further their philosophy and advocacy, which is to end the influence of money in elections. With the leadership of Tiffany Muller, the President and Executive Director of End Citizens United (ECU), there are now many people and support that will make sure that ECU can reach its goals.

The USA Today Report

There’s a lot you can read from USA Today that can show you the propitious events, facts and arguments that push the advocay of USA today. It is also in the report that you can read the people and groups that might find fault and consternation at the work that ECU does. What’s most interesting to learn from the report, though, is the public declaration of ECU to hit its goals of earning and spending $35 million dollars in order to push their fight against the BIG 20, or the 20 government officials the group has listed to be some of the big government officials right now who have chosen to be influenced by money instead of serving their constituents.

In relation and contrast from this, ECU chooses some of the government officials that would be supportive to their cause and champion their advocacy. Some of these supporters include Mr. Paul Davis, Candidate for Kansas’ 2nd Congressional District and Peter Defazio of the 4th Congressional District.

The Focuse of ECU

It is also the guarantee and strong belief of ECU that by lessening the support of money in government affairs, we can get a representation of the people that best fight their interests. Authorities also point out that the special interests that are given through big money funding can jeopardize the country’s democratic system, which would then make it worse for the lives of the citizens.

It is important for financial reform in the United States to get implemented, and with the kind of work that ECU, it’s not hard to imagine that this goal would happen in the soonest time possible. The support that End Citizens United is getting right now also shows that the future would be for those that have the ethics to serve the public and not for profit.

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