End Citizens United Restores Transparency to Political Contributions

In 2010, the United States Supreme Court forever changed the landscape of political contributions. The Supreme Court case Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission, is responsible for changes impacting political contributions. Basically, the legal decision passed down from the courts said, “Corporations should be viewed as people.” The decision by the Supreme Court allows corporations, millionaires and special interest groups to donate millions of dollars to political campaigns. The contributions are not traceable contributions. This allows corporations and wealthy individuals the power to alter the balance of political favor to their advantage. This Supreme Court decision gives creed to the idea that money can buy anything, including political favor. Read more about the group on Wikipedia.

Establish in 2015, End Citizens United, (ECU) is dedicated to bringing balance to the political debauchery created by the Supreme Court. Viewed as a grassroots organization, End Citizens United was created to restore political balance in the United States. According to End Citizens United, the Supreme Court completely destroyed laws designed to regulate political contributions. The laws were created to provide balance to our political system. End Citizens United believes that no organization, corporation or person should have the ability to buy an election. Ultimately, the goal of End Citizens United is reversing the Supreme Court decision from Citizens United vs Federal Elections Commission.

Political reform on campaign contributions is necessary, so that an organization or individual cannot impact elections with excessive contributions. Transparency must be part of the process governing political contributions. ECU relies upon its grassroots organization and its ability to use small-dollar contributions, to support political reform. The ultimate goal of ECU is electing politicians, who believe reversing the Supreme Court decision is the first step in reforming our political contribution system.

ECU believes in the power of its grass roots organization. They plan to bring reform to political contributions through small individual contributions. The goals of ECU are supported by individuals, who believe it is necessary to restore transparency to our system of monitoring political contributions.

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