Eric Lefkofsky Aims to Address Medical Research with new Company

Eric Lefkofsky and the team at Tempus are looking to fundamentally change the way medical professionals approach research and electronic medical record sharing. Lefkofsky is the co-founder as well as CEO of Tempus. Tempus is a tech start up that is trying to take existing digital medical records and streamline accessibility by creating a database that both patients and medical professionals can access when needed. There is no shortage of medical data out in the field, but the majority of it gets caught up in closed loops before it can ever get to where it needs to go.

Eric Lefkofsky knows a thing or two about setting up competent databases and you can dig deeply through his professional history to see some of his past successes. However, Lefkofsky is approaching his work at Tempus from a more personal level. When his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer Lefkofsky got to see first hand just how difficult it can be for professionals to pool proper information in order to take the proper course of action. This life changing and tragic event helped to inform Lefkofsky as he sought to bring about change to such an important field. Tempus would soon be created as a result.

Lefkofsky got to sit in at the Fortune Brainstorm Health conference this past year and while there he was able to speak to the importance of what Tempus is going to offer. Lefkofsky says, “Gathering molecular data is one thing, but you also need clinical data. You need therapeutic and outcome response data.” What Lefkofsky is getting at is simple: medical professionals need full access to healthcare information from their patients. Having this information on hand can literally be a difference between life and death.

Lefkofsky pointed to the medication Herceptin as a prime example of the fundamental problem that plagues current medical research. Herceptin has been proven effective at addressing cancer in nearly 40% of people who have the drug prescribed. With proper medical records we could find out why the other 60% don’t react positively to the drug. This is the aim of Tempus, to bridge the gap in these unknown places.

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