Eric Lefkofsky And The Tempus Labs Breakthrough

Big changes happen in the way information is discovered when someone sees a need. Sometimes things have been done a certain way for so long, it’s hard to see that a need really exists, until someone starts to really push for a change. All of this is happening today in the area of communication between big data analytics, which analyze cancer patient information and store it, and the physicians who need this information in order to treat patients effectively. Eric Lefkovsky, the tech startup co-founder behind companies like Groupon, Lightbank, and Echo Global Logistics, to name a few, is someone who realized how big this gap in information sharing is, and what can and should be done to remedy it.

Founding Tempus Labs

Lefkovsky founded Tempus Labs in 2015 to provide greater research services for cancer treatment technologies, including across the board cancer testing. The goal is for this research to be placed on a platform where it can be combined with electronic medical records that are available for a physician’s clinical treatment plans. In the past, all of this research was very hard for doctors to access, which created a critical slowdown in the physician’s ability to analyze a patient’s situation and create a quality treatment plan. The goal behind Tempus, which is now regarded as a top ten tech startup, is to facilitate the communication between doctors who are treating cancer patients and the data centers that store critical patient data.

The success of Tempus highlights Lefkofsky’s deep commitment to education and to serving the public. With his background in philanthropy and his record as an educator (he is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business), Lekofsky’s hard work in making change in this critical area of patient care is no surprise. With new technology now being married to advances in patient treatment, we can only hope that a brighter future awaits those in need of critical care for cancers of all kind.

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