Eric Lefkofsky: Changing The World Of Cancer Treatments With Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is known in the business world for his ventures such as Echo Global Logistics and InnerWorkings. Since he earned his law degree, he has ventured out into the business world to start up and lead many companies to success; however, Lefkofsky’s most successful ventures to date may be his venture into the world of philanthropy.

Eric and his wife, Elizabeth firmly believe that since they have been blessed and successful that they should work to improve the lives of others. One way that they are doing this is through the Lefkofsky Foundation that they worked to start up. This foundation funds and supports initiatives in four primary areas: education, cultural arts, human rights, and medical research. The area of medical research is perhaps the spot in which Eric Lefkofsky has been the most hands on and that is because of personal reasons.

Eric and Liz were leading a seemingly normal life, with Eric busy as a businessman and Liz finding her place in the cultural arts arena when Liz received a devastating breast cancer diagnosis. This diagnosis would flip their world upside down with Eric publicly discussing the diagnosis and stating that the unknown was the hardest thing to deal with. While going to doctor’s appointments and working beside oncologists to develop a treatment plan, Eric realized that there was a huge gap in how doctors were able to get data about cancer from other medical centers across the country. There was a need for a central database. One central place for doctors to go to in order to seek a wealth of data from other doctors across the nation. Out of this need, Eric developed what is now known as Tempus. Tempus is a centrally linked technological database that collects a wealth of information in the area of oncology from across the country and puts it into one place for doctors to get the information that they need quicker. This means that treatment plans can be developed quicker with better information, thus outcomes of cancer treatment programs may be improved.

Eric Lefkofsky saw a void in the area of cancer treatment and quickly worked to fill it. With a thought process so thorough and financial backing to complete research, there is no telling what other philanthropy projects will be in Lefkofsky’s future.

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