Fabletics – Taking on Amazon

In the beginning there was Amazon and it grew from being an online bookshop to the leading online retail store for almost every item. And, in the sports apparel industry only, they have more than 20% of the market share. For a long time, it was though that no company would be able to compete for that space. However, Fabletics have changed the narrative. They are giving Fabletics a run for their money. In the four years that the company has been in existence, they have made sales worth over $250 Million. This is a remarkable progress, considering that the company is really young and they are competing in a market with very strong players. Here are some of the strategies that Fabletics utilizes in order to be at a competitive position over Amazon.
Personal Touch
A great buying experience is characterized by personal touch. Most online retailers don’t know how to add a personal touch on online shopping. Therefore, they end up losing a lot of customers who would have otherwise made repeat buys. As for Fabletics, they understand perfectly that personal touch is necessary if clients are to come back. Therefore, they make sure that the buying process is as interactive as possible. They have professional designers and stylists who interact with you to design attires that suit your lifestyle and preferences. On top of that, there is always Kate Hudson to recommend a design for you.
Physical Stores
There was a time when purchasing online was associated with a lot of insecurity. So, even now that things are much better, people still don’t trust online stores to purchase products. They always opt to go to physical stores where there are employees you can trust. To win such, Fabletics started building stores all over the US. They now have more than 10 physical stores and more are yet to come.
Celebrity Figure
A celebrity figure will have a higher command. Fabletics, having genius founders, employed Kate Hudson to help their brand sell. Kate Hudson recommends the best picks, leaving people fighting for orders. As such, more people buy from Fabletics that Amazon.
At Fabletics you find a variety of patterns, colors and designs, making their products very unique. And, unlike most major brands who only concern themselves with the quality and price, Fabletics adds a touch of fashion to it. This way, you can exercise comfortably and at the same time be stylish.
Other than fashionable attire, Fabletics gives you access to your exact fit of clothes, not baggy or too small. As such, your muscles get the support that they need when they are in motion.
To buy sportswear from Fabletics, you have two options. You can buy and exit to come back when you need to shop some more. Or you can simply become a member then use your membership to shop every month. Members purchase at discounted prices and this is the biggest perk of being a Fabletics VIP member.