Factors Of Success And The Factors That Helped Whitney Wolfe

When it comes to starting a successful brand or business, there are plenty of factors that can determine whether it is going to be a success or not. For instance, a business could be successful based on what the intention is behind the business. For Whitney Wolfe, she had plenty of factors working in her favor. One factor is what she has built Bumble for. She did not want to just make money. She has drawn from all of her experiences as a woman in order to give herself and other women something that they can use in order to improve own lives.

The major factor behind the success of a business is what it is built for. People have to think about what they are offering intended audience. Whitney Wolfe has intended Bumble to be for men and women. However, women are the ones that are meant to be empowered by this app. The dating portion of Bumble has proven to be effective for both genders. However, the benefits for men end at the dating app. There are extensions that are meant only for women. This is because Whitney Wolfe has thought about the needs of women.

Women have needs for friendships and careers where they can support themselves. One thing that can be and has been a hindrance for women making lives for themselves is having to deal with all of the harassment that comes with work just on account of their gender. The only thing that seems to deter men from acting on their lusts in the workplace is the idea that the woman is taken by another man. However, this is one thing that Whitney and other feminists find frustrating. The idea that only a man can make the life of a woman easier can be rather disheartening.


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