Fast Growth Forces Reputation Company To Find Larger Offices

The need for Online reputation management and crisis management has been growing in recent years after various Websites have had their databases of members hacked and released to the public, such as the well known Ashley Madison hack. Handling these Online problems is now the domain of Status Labs, a well known public relations company that has recently been forced to find larger offices in Manhattan after outgrowing their previous space. The impressive nature of the move to an office five times larger than its initial office space comes just one year after Status Labs made the move to open a New York branch.

Status Labs has been on an amazing period of growth under the leadership of CEO and founder Darius Fisher and now has offices in Sao Paulo, Austin, Texas, and New York. The rise of Status Labs has not gone unnoticed by mainstream media outlets, particularly The New York Times and Yahoo! News, which have both featured the company in articles in the wake of the Ashley Madison hack.

The numbers rarely lie, and for Status Labs make impressive reading when the number of clients and where they are examined; more than 1,500 clients have been assisted by Status Labs in over 30 countries arouind the world. Although privacy is important to Status Labs and the clients of the company it has been reported major athletes, Fortune 500 companies and politicians have all sought the assistance of this Online reputation management company.

The New York move to larger office spaces is designed to see consistent growth for Status Labs long into the future as Darius Fisher believes the company will continue to grow in the coming years. Adding new staff members with the necessary skills to make the company even more successful in the future is a major area of growth for Status Labs and Darius Fisher, which is one of the reasons finding the perfect Manhattan office space was so important to the company founded in Austin, Texas.

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