From Real Estate to a Wellness Center: Dr. McKenna’s Story

Dr. Mark McKenna is a businessman and a doctor. He is the founder of Shape Med and OVME. He is also a real estate investor. He had a real estate business that was worth a few million dollars. However, during Hurricane Katrina, he lost a few million dollars. However, in the aftermath of the hurricane, Dr. Mark McKenna and other investors would buy devastated properties for very cheap and lease them out to other investors who would rent them as low-income housing.

At a certain point, Dr. Mark McKenna decided to get out of real estate. He said that there were a number of factors involved in this decision. First of all, he realized that the real estate market was changing. He suspected that a collapse was in the making. Besides, his girlfriend was moving to Atlanta, Georgia, and he wanted to move with her. He left New Orleans and moved to Atlanta.

In Atlanta, Dr. McKenna started Shape Med. His dream was to start a wellness center that was based on fees, meaning that there was no insurance involved. He started it with the 700 to 800 thousand dollars that he took away from his New Orleans business. At the time, it had two employees. It was self-funded.

Dr. Mark McKenna realized the power of the internet. It was only 2005, and Dr. Mark McKenna was one of the first to use the internet, social media, and Google AdWords. In fact, if someone searched “botox” in Atlanta, Shape Med would be the first to come up. His competitors were jealous and wrote fake reviews on review sites. He traced negative reviews on Yelp back to jealous competitors who were trying to hurt his business. He just focused on providing a high quality service and word of mouth did the rest of the job. Dr. McKenna was making $1 million, and Shape Med was having an annual revenue of 4 million dollars. He would take his profits and reinvest it into marketing. He eventually sold Shape Med to Lifetime Fitness. After that, he started OVME.

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