George Soros Doubles Down On Philanthropy

The current state of philanthropy isn’t what it needs to be. We live in a time of serious change and there hasn’t been anyone to try to make sure it guides us towards the right direction. George Soros wants to make himself the Rockefeller of the 21st century. He is trying to do so through his donations to organizations such as the Open Society Foundation and others that focus on providing the best future possible for the world. A better connected world where we can all come together is the best scenario for everyone, but his plans have attracted an unfortunate number of critics.

Often those who attack George Soros know little about what his business is and what he stands for. They somehow believe that he is in fact a communist or that he seeks to undo the democracy of America. These claims are obviously false but they are believed by a serious number of people. Too many think of Soros as a villain when he has in fact done important work in promoting capitalism. We can now look across the world and see people just about everywhere getting into the free market. His views do not reflect what the likes of Glenn Beck and others have said about him. In fact, he appears to be doing the exact opposite of the attacks. He has helped bring the world away from its previous stage into a much more open form.

George Soros has decided to give so much money to the Open Society Foundation because he understands the importance of creating a society in which people are able to decide what they want to do and are free to pursue it. His philanthropy is centered around this and it seems that the end result should be clear uncontroversial. Most people agree that capitalism is a good thing and most believe that we need a world where people are better connected. Globalization has brought so much to the world and it has created opportunities that wouldn’t exist otherwise. As a billionaire and hedge fund manager, Soros knows better than anybody else how to make the world a much wealthier place. His efforts to do so now are some of the latest examples.

The recent turn of events haven’t been favorable to many of the favorite causes of Soros. He doesn’t like that and he wants to do something about it. The best way to make sure we have a better future going forward is to try to make an effort to include everyone in it and to break down barriers. Fortunately, it seems that Soros is the one with the plan to do this. Every generation needs a philanthropist with the ambition to change things and gives us a brighter road ahead. With the $18 billion he just donated to the Open Society Foundation, Soros has clearly placed himself into a special position. He will be known for the important role he played in helping spread and popularize globalization worldwide.

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