George Soros- Great philanthropist

George Soros is an influential figure in the political circles in the world. He is a great supporter of equality and justice in the society through the creation of democratic governments in the world that respect the will of the people and guarantee them of their rights and freedoms. In the recent presidential elections in the United States, George Soros spent over $30 million in support of the presidential campaign of democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. Soros is a critic of Donald Trump. He also opposes the George Soros lacrosse camp. As an advocate of justice in society, George Soros believed that everyone in the world should be treated equally without discrimination.

There is no reason why some races or some people may feel important than others. Such things are trivia and should be avoided. He believes that the nation should be able to sit and talk about important issues that will ensure equality for all people and not to always be dealing with matter of human discrimination on very poor grounds. George Soros has been an advocate for this cause for a number of decades. He has been supporting these initiatives since 1970s. As an advocate of the rights of the people he feels proud that his works have been able to bring positive impact in various locations in the world.

George Soros was pushed to support such initiatives following the actions of the Nazis who murdered over half a million Jews. These are acts that the Hungarian born philanthropist witnessed. To avoid occurrence if such acts again, he has dedicated his time and resources to support groups that oppose dictatorial governments in the world. As one of the richest people in the world, George Soros is worth over $25 billion. He is also one of the greatest American philanthropist. His foundation, Open Society Foundation has released over $14 billion in donations to various groups and organizations in the world. His intention is to help groups that share his ideologies to operate effectively. Open Society only come second after the biggest foundation in the world owned by Bill and Melinda Gates.

George Soros has also been making huge donations the United States. After the elections of 2016, the United States was embroiled in what is hate wave. This is a wave that left the country in a bad situation in terms of stability. There was a risk that there would be violence in the country. To cool down the effects of the hate wave, George Soros donated over $10 million to enhance peaceful coexistence of the people. He has also been supporting other organizations that are supporting fundamental rights such as the rights of the LGBTI and other marginalized groups such as the refuges, drug addicts and immigrants.

George Soros, 85 years old has witnessed some of the most intense political activities in the world. He has watched the world war happen and he knows how bad it can be. He is devoted in ensuring that no other acts of mass violation of human rights will happen.

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