GoBuyside Innovations in Private Equity Recruitment

GoBuyside is a recruitment platform that works with private equity firms to develop pools of highly-qualified candidates. The fund management sector has grown steadily since the recession; beginning in about 2008 and continuing to the present, the demand for top talent has risen steadily. Private equity firms must take a proactive posture on recruiting to stay ahead of their expected needs. The trend towards distance and remote employment relationships has increased the potential talent pool for fund management, hedge funds, and other types of private equity organizations.

Recruitment technology has grown with the Internet and AI. Employers can utilize modern methods to engage a qualified pool of top-level candidates. In the private equity firm and fund management fields, GoBuyside uses global technology assisted search. Advanced Applicant Tracking Systems can yield superior results when contrasted with traditional methods.

Modern employment has changed. Companies take a more entrepreneurial posture and wish to quickly add staff to pursue opportunities that may occur anywhere in the global economy. Recruitment must keep pace with the potential or dynamic business transitions.

While advanced technology has influenced employment in business overall, its impact has been particularly strong in the private equity sector. GoBuyside helps employers learn the benefits of integrating part-time, full-time and contract work by telecommuting. Technology can connect employees and contract workers to the organization in real time and with reliable, secure communications systems. Organizations can maintain a lean core and manage sophisticated projects in-house with remote employees and telecommuting technology.

GoBuyside understands that top job candidates have expanded their search availability to incorporate telecommuting technology. Among many changing trends in the global economy, preferred candidates can accept location-free employment. For the top companies in the finance and fund management fields, this is welcome news. Many jobs are portable and employees can perform them on a part-time, full-time, or contract basis. Research suggests that nearly half of the US workforce has held a position that was at least partially compatible with tele-work.

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