Good Leadership Leading To Great Products

Using prison communications products we currently have at our disposal have a twofold purpose. They make prisoners and prison staff safer and more easily in touch with each other than in the past. They can also be used as springboards to make better technology in the future. This from Rick Smith, Chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies.


If you are impressed with the changes in this technology over the past ten years, the next ten years should shape up quite nicely. Mr. Smith is an innovate leader in this realm and the future for prison communications systems looks promising because of it. He brings a leadership quality to this company that is held in high regard with other leaders in various other fields.


One of the better features Secures will offer both prisoners and staff is 24/7 365 access to their communications system. This can be a life-saver should there be a medical emergency among either segment of the population.


This promises to improve the quality of life for all concerned as it will bring more peace of mind. As improvements grow and the user base expands, prices are also going to decrease. This is another quality of life improvement that people are looking forward to.