How David McDonald Prepared for a Successful Career

David McDonald is the successful COO of OSI Group. Hailing from Northern Iowa, David grew up in the farmlands and later attended Iowa State University to prepare for a career. His studies were based in animal science, which was not surprising for a farm boy from Iowa. What is surprising is how his career turned out. He graduated with his bachelor’s degree in 1987, and it was at that time that he took on a position with OSI Group.

His early career with OSI Group started with the position as a project manager. It would be a great start for David to learn more about the company, as well as how to manage projects that would impact the daily operations of the company and their employees. Working his way up during the course of his career, David eventually became the Chief Operating Officer and the President.

Prior to his initial start with OSI Group, David McDonald was the active Chairman of the North American Meat Institute. Along with his ingenuity, the company began making tremendous strides in the food industry. It didn’t take long for David to make the company a success, and embrace the global impact that the company would have on the meat industry overall.

The humble beginnings of OSI Group all started with a German immigrant who longed to provide his community with fresh meats for their family. The company started out as Otto and Sons, and many years later under the tutelage of McDonald and Sheldon Lavin it became OSI Industries, and later OSI Group. Having spent more than 30 years with OSI Group, David McDonald has been instrumental in creating a logistics team, as well as finding leaders that he believes will be key players in the company’s growth. OSI Group acquires Dutch company Baho Food.

The market of food is ever evolving, and with that in mind, it is through the constant research and management that OSI Group continues to compete with other companies internationally. David McDonald continues to reach out to his local farmers, food service companies, and the community as a whole to learn more about what they can do to continue to improve their relationship and service to their customers.

During his time with OSI Group, David has been able to open up Chinese facilities as well as processing plants in Europe and abroad.