How Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Changing The Game In The Cosmetic Surgery Field

In the field of plastic surgery, you won’t find a more accomplished and dedicated surgeon than Dr. Jennifer L. Walden. Her dedication along with her many years of experience in the field has made her one of the most sought-after Doctors in her profession. While it would take a book to talk about her many career engagements, let us take a brief look at some of the achievements that make her so unique and successful.

One of Dr. Walden’s most recent accomplishments was when she was elected as the secretary of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2018. She holds this position as the first female to accomplish such an extraordinary assignment. While this position comes with many important responsibilities, it doesn’t stop her from the many other endeavors she has on her plate. Besides the prestigious position as the ASPS secretary, she also is the owner of PLLC & Walden Cosmetic Surgery And Laser Center in Austin Texas where she offers an abundance of services to fit most patient’s needs. From Brazilian buttock lifts to pigment and hair removal, Dr. Walden offers improvements that will improve her patient’s well-being as well as their self-esteem. One of her most innovative approaches to her surgery is her use of a 3D imaging technology that gives her patients the results of the procedure before the actual surgery.

Dr. Walden credits her humble beginnings to her first job in Manhattan at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital under mentor Dr. Sherrell Aston. She has remained humble and her persistent to help people has always been a top priority. Through her many accomplishments, Dr. Walden has become one of the most recognized experts in field. Dr. Walden’s patients hold her in high regards, and her approach to finding out about their background, culture, race, and ethnicity lets them know that she is not only concerned but dedicated to improving their quality of life.

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