How IDLife Helps People Get Healthier

IDLife LLC is a Frisco, Texas, based company that was founded by a former athlete, Logan Stout. They offer nutritional supplements that have been individually tailored to meet the nutritional needs of their customers. Customers order the products online and they are shipped to their homes. The packages contain strip packages which are separated into those for the morning and those for the evening so its easy to keep track of what should be taken and when.

In order to start receiving products from IDLife new customers take a free health assessment. Their answers will result in how the nutritional supplements are formulated. It was in 2014 that the company was launched by Logan Stout, who serves as the chief executive officer. The products that they sell are based on the research of a team of doctors and nutritionists who have been developing the concept IDLife is built on for more than 17 years.

IDLife is a direct selling company. It has a nation-wide network of independent distributors who have access to 10 ways of generating income on the sales they make. They receive a 10% commission on the sales they make and also have a 10% discount on any of their own purchases. They also get a $200 bonus each time they sign up 9 customers. If they sign three people up for auto-shipping receive incentives.

There are 10 main products that IDLife offers to customers. One of the main ones is ID Nutrition which is their main health and wellness vitamin. Like all of the other IDLife products, it is organic and contains only natural ingredients. They also offer an ID Life Meal Replacement Shake which is primarily used by those who are seeking to lose excess weight.

IDLife also offers specialty products. Among these is ID Life Sleep Strips which contains ingredients that aids people who have sleep issues. Another speciality product is ID Hydrate which supports a persons health by providing minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, and electrolytes that help a person’s nervous and muscular systems.

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