How Todd Lubar got so successful at investing

According to, most of the young people, especially the millennial want to get rich and retire early, but few really understand what it takes to make it there. For people that have been in the business of investing for the past three decades like Todd Lubar, the journey to the top is not as easy as some people think. He started investing when he was fresh out of school. Unlike the many other investors, he did not have sources of capital to start a huge venture. He studied the market, tried real estate and realized that is where he wanted to be. He looked for a gap in the industry and found products that would fill it excellently.

Due to the fact that he did not have the capital he needed to start the business that he wanted, he started with a referral business. According to his page, he collected and stored contacts such as values of real estate, CPAs, Real Estate Agents and other stakeholders in the business. This is the one step he believes set him in the path for success in real estate investment.

With time, he started looking into the flaws within the system. He realized that not all people had the access they needed to real estate products such as mortgage. Most of the people were getting locked out because they didn’t meet certain criteria and mostly, it was the credit score. He decided that he could do something to help these people. The model that he came up with targeted these people that earned less and didn’t have good scores. The idea was very successful and more than 7,000 people got homes this way. He got support from the right quarters and made it a very popular venture. Other companies that he has invested in include one that deals with demolitions and a recycling business.

Todd states on Rebel Mouse that his secret for success lies in making sure that the investment solutions he offers to the customer are sensible. He is currently retired and lives in Bethesda, Maryland together with his wife and children. Todd Lubar’s success in real estate is evidence that the best capital one needs is a great idea.

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