Jason Hope: A Leading Investor and Entrepreneur Passionate About Research Science

Jason Hope is a well-known entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. Born and raised in Tempe, Arizona, Jason attended Arizona State University for a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and later W.P Carey School of Business for his MBA. Jason has successfully grown in business globally with expertise in mentorship on business topics to students and entrepreneurs. Jason Hope is currently in Scottsdale, Arizona where he spends his time overseeing business projects and researching on investment matters. He is a passionate philanthropist who donates to various projects. The current donation and contribution are towards the anti-aging research due to his major interest in anti-aging science. Other interests include any research cause based on innovative technology. His hobbies lie in writing on ideas and current researches through his blog.

The health industry is proud of Jason Hope for his major contribution towards the anti-aging research where he had generously donated half a million USD to SENS Research Foundation in 2010. This came in handy for SENS to construct and equip a reputable laboratory and also start new research programs. Jason was pleased to make this move and was attracted by the organization’s innovative initiative in fighting early aging. He added that the organization is focused on curing degenerative infections that lead to early aging. Some of the infections as mentioned by Jason were lung disease and Alzheimer’s disease. According to Jason, the involvement of SENS Foundation in Anti-aging research is meant to create a better and longer quality life for the individuals. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

xJason Hope remains the biggest contributor to this major research. The SENS Research Foundation hosts a conference called Rejuvenation Biotechnology every year. The Co-founder and the chief science officer of this foundation is Aubrey de Grey who keeps reminding the attendants the significance of the goals of that conference. Aubrey believes that through everyone’s effort, there will be enough contribution to developing medicines that correct or cure the aging effects. Experts normally attend this conference from all the nations and through this forum, they can share their views, knowledge, and skills. They bring together ideas that contribute to the treatment of some diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s diseases among others. One of the major agendas in the rejuvenation biotechnology conference is to develop preventive strategies for such infections. SENS Research Foundation exists as a nonprofit organization whose major support is from private individuals like scientists, researchers, and generous investors. Jason has remained a major contributor for many years, and his interest is in building the anti-aging research initiative.