Jason Hope and SENS – Working Together for the Future

Jason Hope is a native philanthropist of Arizona, who has donated significantly to the cause of anti-aging research done by SENS Foundation.

After decades of research, the scientific community has started to seriously do researches on rejuvenation biotechnology, which everybody hopes will reveal the answer on how to be able to stop a degenerative disease before it manifests inside the body.

With this objective in mind, SENS Foundation developed the AGE-breaker program. For any kind of drug or treatment to be acceptable within the AGE parameters, it must be able to detect and eliminate the body’s harmful waste before degeneration starts. Progressive age ailments like arthritis, atherosclerosis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s usually happen as people start to age. The reason behind this is the natural deterioration of the body with the onset of age. While dozens of experiments have been done on animals in relation to this cause, scientists and researchers realized that the aging process in humans is different from the aging process in animals.

Hope is a giver and supporter of causes that have to do something with the prevention, control, and cure of diseases. He earned his Finance degree from the Arizona State University and took his master’s in business administration. After he graduated from college, he founded a mobile communications company, which became profitable and successful.

From the success he gained in business, Hope gave back to the community by supporting organizations who are engaged in finding ways to prevent, control and cure diseases; as well as sponsoring educational programs especially within Arizona.

Recently he made a donation of $500,000 to the Sens Foundation because the work the foundation is doing is a cause that he supports. Hope commented that the goal of finding a cure to prevent the diseases of aging is not merely to be able to live longer but also to be able to have a better quality of life.

Dr. Aubrey de Grey, head of the SENS Foundation remarked that the money given by Jason Hope will allow them to continue their work intensively as they are yet to make the AGE program workable. Although the foundation still has a long way to go, Hope is confident that a breakthrough will soon happen. He advised that the little things do not matter, what matters is looking at the bigger picture and taking small steps in the right direction.

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