Kamil Idris Opinion on Intellectual Property in the Era of Globalisation

The former director general for World Intellectual property organization (WIPO), Professor Kamil Idris is a profound intellectual rights activist who has published several books on intellectual property, international law and development. He graduated from the University of Khartoum with LLB honors and has several other honorary doctorate law degrees from 19 universities. He earned his Ph.D. in international relations from Geneva University in Switzerland.

Kamil Idris is a renowned expert in matters of intellectual content, the IP rights and the laws that protect them. His years of experience can be traced back to his first position serving in the United Nations Sudanese branch where he addressed problems facing movement of goods within developing nations. He later became the third person to serve as director general for the WIPO from 1997 to 2008. In his articles, he speaks about the Chinese government being unfair to the United States for not imposing their Intellectual property protections.

Kamil Idris points to Chinese manufacturers who are benefiting from goods they supposedly copied from manufacturers in the U.S and are selling them in markets all over the world at unreasonably lower prices as compared to the original costs forcing the U.S manufactures out of the market. Having had enough of this, President Trump is planning to inflict very high tariffs on all exports from China to force them into executing their Intellectual Property protections.

Despite the fact that Donald Trump is using force unlike the Obama administration that was making arrangements for bilateral trade, most Chinese experts agree that the menace is slowly coming to an end. Professor Kamil Idris mentions Orville Schell, a Chinese expert who admits that Trumps move got china unprepared. The expert said that China was worried and was not ready for a trade war but still needed the U.S administration to put more pressure on them to finally settle scores on the intellectual property theft.

Professor Kamil told Venture Outsource on one of their interviews that the biggest threat to intellectual property was globalization. He said that even though it was a significant setback, WIPO was enacting their patent data into the internet to manage infringements. Although he didn’t intend to talk about the strict patent system in the United States as opposed to developing nations’ pass on regulations, he did mention his vast understanding of intellectual property doctrine.