Livio Bisterzo Shows The Green Way Forward

Italy-born and London’s University of Art’s alumnus, Livio Bisterzo leveraged his years of experience in the natural foods space and his own penchant for a healthy lifestyle to come up with Green Park Brands. The idea behind it was to introduce products that not only provided healthy options to the customers but also led to a positive impact on society.

The most prominent example of this was the launch of HIPPEAS a chickpea-based food product, which quickly went on to become one of the most prolifically growing brands in the US. Not only are chickpeas good for one’s health, growing them is good for the soil’s health too as chickpeas release nitrogen that nourishes the latter.

HIPPEAS’s phenomenal popularity owes something to the personality of its founder Bisterzo. An Italian who lived in the UK, he went to college there and then embarked upon a marketing career. His journey as an entrepreneur started in 2003 founding an events company. His business portfolio grew to encompass sectors like hospitality, consumer brands, and lifestyle.

His transformative decision, of course, was the founding of Green Park Brands and the launch of HIPPEAS, which made him the much-admired health food manufacturer and proponent that he is today. Full of energy and beans as you would expect from a health food entrepreneur, Bisterzo now lives with his wife and three children in Los Angles.

In an age where there is a lot of talk about the merits or otherwise, Livio Bisterzo has shown how it can be an engine of both economic growth and social taste. In an economy dominated by unhealthy snacks, he has, by introducing a snack that is both healthy for humans while indirectly causing regeneration of soil, become the best advertisement of how global entrepreneurs can help better the world.

The world needs more socially responsible entrepreneurs who walk the talk. How many people are there who use their skills and expertise to create a company that is equally good for both the consumers and the environment and make a huge success of it too? Bisterzo sure is one special person.

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