Malcolm Casselle Brings Cryptocurrency To A Mainstream Audience

Malcolm Casselle is one of the leading developers of new technologies in the world with a global reach within the technology sector for his long-term approach to developing new areas of interest. As a technology investor, Malcolm Casselle has been using his knowledge of the various aspects of technology to develop his portfolio to include many of the leading companies Online. Among the early investments made by Malcolm Casselle are those he made in Facebook and Zynga before they had achieved their initial successes.

In the last few years, Malcolm Casselle has sought to further his interests in the gaming community he has championed for many years. After making his name developing the Seachange International Website, Casselle went on to work on the development of the Xfire social media platform for the gaming community.

As a leader in the Online gaming community, Casselle has become an important figure for gamers as he is willing to work on the creation of a new era for gamers of all experience levels. One part of the gaming community which has become a problem is the increasing use of tokens to purchase assets without the ability to trade these purchases with other players in a safe and secure way. Many who have spent their time building their virtual assets fear they will lose them to hackers if they trade in the various rooms open for moving assets between players.

Not only does Malcolm Casselle believe the development of the Worldwide Asset Exchange will change the face of the gaming community forever, but he also believes the community will lead the revolution in terms of cryptocurrency use. Combining cryptocurrency and the Blockchain looks set to bring the power of cryptocurrencies to the mainstream with the safety and security of a long chain of security. Malcolm Casselle believes the future of the financial sector is being led by the development of the gaming community.