Mike Baur and His Two Business Partners Leading SSUF to Greater Heights

Michael Baur began his career as a banker at a very young age. He worked with many Swiss banks including UBS and Clariden Leu, where he served as an executive board member. He also worked at ScanSource, Inc., a distributor of various tech products, since its establishment in 1992. His commitment to excellence and discipline saw him rise through the ranks and in 1995, he was appointed to the company’s board of directors. He became the CEO of ScanSource in 2000. The company grew rapidly under his leadership and now has operations in Europe and America. Mike graduated from the University of Rochester New York with an MBA.


The Swiss Startup Company


After about 2 decades in the banking industry, Mike developed an interest in young companies and started investing in startup companies. Besides just providing funding, he would also advise them on various financial matters to help them grow and stabilize in their niches. His interest in startups led him, alongside Oliver Walzer and Max Meister, to start an accelerator company, the Swiss Startup Factory. This stemmed from the trio’s determination to create international companies that are exceptional in terms of their business models, management, and products and services. Based in Zurich, the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) is one of the largest privately funded ICT venture capital firms in Switzerland. The company formed a partnership with CTI Invest in January 2016 and this led to Mr. Baur’s appointment as CTI deputy managing director.


The SSUF helps entrepreneurs through its three-month startup accelerator program. Through the program, SSUF provides funding, mentorship and a number of other services to early-stage startups. It also provides them with affordable office space, which comes complete with free Wi-Fi and other resources, in Zurich, a very strategic place to have a business. The startups can also opt to receive accounting services and financial advice from the professionals at SSUF. Entrepreneurs can apply for this amazing opportunity on the SSUF’s website. The process is pretty straightforward and all the steps are clearly outlined on the website. The last batch started in September 2016 and the companies are already benefiting greatly from the program.




Mike Baur is passionate about the youth and that is why he invests a lot in them through his mentorship programs and financial support for Swiss startups. He was among the founders of the Swiss Startup Association and is now a director of the organization. SSUF has been successful so far thanks to the combined effort of the three co-founders who strive to offer personalized services to their clients and exceed their expectations.