Most Affordable Massage Chairs

How to Shop for the Right Massage Chair

Modern day massage chairs offer many unique innovations. Technology built into massage chairs provides a complete solution for calming the body. There are massage chairs to treat every area of a person’s body. If you are contemplating a massage chair for your back or full-body massage after work, there is a solution for you.


  • Consider the Kahuna LM-6800. A well-engineered massagechaircompare . The LM-6800 will fit most every need and budget. When you first sit down, the chair does a complete body scan to measure your body type. Massage functions are tailor-fit to your exact proportions. The L-track zero-gravity chair is ideal for those long relaxation sessions.

Your first step to choosing the right massage chair, determine how much you want to spend. If you frequently see a specialist to take care of aches and pains, a high-end chair may be the answer.

  • Relaxzen is an executive massage chair with lumbar support. Sitting at a desk all day long can generate serious complications. Use the lumbar and heat functions to relieve those sore muscles. The Relaxzen also has a six-position massage motor.

Consider the following chair types and costs:

  • Office massage chairs
  • Full-body recliners
  • Multi-feature full body massage chairs
  • Advanced function, latest massage technology full body massage chairs

Price and warranty are significant points to examine when purchasing your chair. Other factors to keep in mind, the physical dimensions of the chair. Does it fit the area you have planned?

  • Different massage techniques
  • Intensity and speed
  • Pre-programming features
  • Spine, back and side rollers
  • Reclining features such as zero gravity
  • Additional features for extra relief

When you first shop for the perfect massage chair, it is best to determine your primary needs. Are you buying for relaxation or pain relief? The answer to this question could be a combination of both. What is Your budget? Massage chairs can vary from a few hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars and up. It is best to know how much you want to spend on relief. Where are you going to put the chair? Is the massage chair for therapeutic needs or stretching out to watch a good game of football?

Define a short list and do your online research first. Every major manufacturer will be proud of their chairs. Checking out the features at their website first.

  • iJoy Active 2.0 is a budget chair with plenty of choices. The chair has a good design that delivers a powerful massage. Three built-in auto-programs are available for your enjoyment. You can customize and save your massage from the available options.
  • Real Relax Recliner has the same qualities as much more expensive models. The Real Relax has four auto-programs and a zero-gravity function. Air-massage is a big highlight of this chair with over 50 airbags. The footrest extends for taller people with separate rollers.
  • EC-06 by Best Massage has a good deal of features but remains in the budget group. Four pre-sets and rollers for your spine and back. Three types of air-massage with over 30 airbags. The EC-06 also delivers a heating massage function.

Have fun shopping and unwind.