OSI Group; Customers, Employees, And Values Make Us Who We Are

With 65 locations, OSI Food Solutions is a leader in providing quality foods worldwide. The food industry is a highly competitive market, and OSI Group is a globally recognized supplier of high quality and nutritious food options.

Innovation and High Standards

President and C.O.O. Of OSI Food Solutions, David McDonald, is proud of their quality control practice. He has had success in mergers, acquisitions, and maintaining excellent relationships with both business partners and customers alike. OSI Group is a leader in food distribution keeping customers a top priority is the base of the operation. With expansions in some of the major manufacturing facilities, great attention is paid to safety, standards, and development. This standard of conducting business is one reason why the recent acquisition of Baho Food in Europe was a beneficial business plan for both companies.

Award Winning Company

As a result of the hard work of the company and its 20,000 employees, OSI Food Solutions UK proudly accepted the Globe of Honor Award presented by the British Safety Council for their outstanding environmental risk management. In addition, OSI Food Solutions announced the addition of several new facilities with state of the art processing and safety equipment in several locations across Europe. This included an X-Ray machine that scans items to ensure there is no foreign objects or contamination.

Amazing Career Opportunities

With the Headquarters in Illinois, there are many available positions at the Aurora, IL. It doesn’t end there, though. Employment options are available around the globe, at different facilities. From the factory to the Offices, there are positions to support diverse group of people. The credit of success is given to the employees, where without them the company would not be where it is today.

For this reason, the employee compensation is generous, including several benefits. For over one hundred years the company has grown from a small single-man operation, to the huge worldwide distributor it has grown to be. With belief in yourself, enthusiasm to work together with the company vision at the forefront, OSI Group employees can realize their full potential. Just believe that every person can make a huge impact on others, their communities, and their job will in turn make a brighter future for all of us.

There are many opportunities available for those interested in a rewarding career within the company. Plenty of room to grow and advance in a team environment in a company that values its employees.

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