OSI Industries leading the way for other food companies

This is an international group located in Aurora, Illinois. The company deals with meat processing and was founded in 1909 by a German immigrant known as Otto Kolschowski. At the start, the company was a neighborhood meat market that was well-known for its high-quality meat. OSI Industries grew rapidly after it started supplying young McDonald’s franchise with meat patties. As per now, the company has over 20,000 workers who serve in countries that provide bacon, pizza, meat patties, fish, hot dogs, vegetable products and poultry to the companies that are involved in providing food service. OSI Industries appears on the list of top 58 America’s largest private companies.

OSI Industries stands out as the best company in terms of provision of high-quality products and services in the country. The company has annual sales that are over $6.1 billion making it appear among the top 100 companies in America. Under their current CEO, the company has won numerous awards such as the 2016’s Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council. OSI Industries was recognized for their emphasis on using teamwork and the innovative ideas to overcome the challenge of meeting the needs of the customers. OSI Industries has played a major role in revolutionizing the ways in which the food solutions are offered internationally by their act of selecting of quality products.

The company has continued to grow by expanding its operations. Both the BAHO Foods and Flagship Europe are some of the recent acquisitions by the OSI Group in the quest to expand their market. The company also bought Tyson Food Plant. These purchases have not only helped the company in expanding into the new markets but also have given the OSI Group the opportunity to offer employment and career opportunities. In around 17 countries, the company has over 65 facilities. The company has been a supplier to various western fast food chains like Subway, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s Pizza and is currently doing business in China, South Africa, Australia and Taiwan.

In addition to the numerous facilities owned by the OSI Group globally, the company also operates several plants within the United States. These facilities in the U.S are in places such as West Chicago, Illinois, Chicago, and Geneva. Others include Wisconsin, California, Iowa, Riverside, Oakland and Fort Atkinson. In all these facilities, the company not only produces but also co-packs the brand name and the private label foods.

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