OSI Industries Leads The Food Industry With Markets Around The World

OSI Industries is on the move each year when it comes to expanding it’s business. They have acquired new food plants each year making them a leader globally in the food industry for hospitality. They have stakes in plants throughout the world including in the Philippines and Germany along with Spain and China.

The OSI Industries brand started in a small suburb of Chicago. They started out being the supplier for just a couple fast food chains and grew into this phenomenon that they are today. They have won awards for their quality in customer service along with the quality of food that they produce.

The number of plants that they acquire year after year include plants in Chicago that were once a portion of Tyson Foods plants in Germany that were a portion of Baho Foods. They own the controlling portion of stake in Baho foods and acquired them in 2016.

When OSI Industries purchased the plant in Chicago from Tyson Foods plants, it allowed for them to have access to another plant near the pre-existing plant of OSI Industries. The plant was set to close when Tyson made the decision to sell the plant. The plant in turn was then purchased by OSI and allowed for the employees to remain in work. The employees otherwise would have lost their jobs. When OSI then purchased they plant, it allowed them to expand the amount of food they could produce and would then expand the number of customers they were able to expand to.

The plant is close enough to be accessed by the employees from both plants and should there be a problem at one plant, it is easy enough to switch from one plant to another. It also allows the employees from one plant to go to the other if there is a need for the employees to be at two plants throughout the day.

Chicago has been home to OSI Industries since the beginning of the start of the business. They originally were a small meat shop which then expanded into this global market that they are right now.

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