OSI Industries Paved the Way for Great Food

There was a time in the 1900s when America was struggling with food supplies. This is when OSI Industries stepped on the scene. In fact, at that time, there was no official company. There were just a few people who moved from Germany to Chicago to make a better life for themselves, and these individuals loved to cook, and they loved to make great tasting meat. These individuals began making meats for everyone in Chicago. As word got out, people from the entire state of Illinois and the surrounding states came to Chicago to get their meats.

A couple years later, OSI Industries became a household name. In fact, many people did not eat meat unless it came from OSI, and this pushed OSI to open an actual facility in Chicago. The facility was one of a kind, and it featured many different tools to cut meat in unique ways and to make it taste great. OSI then started selling meats to restaurants in Illinois, and, before they knew it, they were selling meat to restaurants all throughout America. Their biggest success, however, was when they were hired by the McDonald’s corporation to provide meat to them on a daily basis, and McDonald’s is still a customer of OSI Industries today. To know more about the company click here.

One of the reasons why OSI Industries produces the best food is because they have some of the best food experts in the world working for them. These include scientists and experts on natural food creation. OSI is also credited with using the best technology on the market to make their food and process it. This technology comes at a hefty price, but the managers of OSI believe in the well being of people more than having lots of money in the bank. That is why many of these managers have devoted their entire lives to seeing OSI prosper.