Paul Mampilly Says Buying Homebuilders Right Now Is A Winning Bet

Paul Mampilly was a star on Wall Street but decided to call it quits when he was just 42 years old. He said that keeping up with the pace of Wall Street was exhausting and it prevented him from spending enough time with his family. After working as a very successful hedge fund manager at one of the top privately-held financial firms he had enough and announced he was retiring and moving to North Carolina.

He still stays busy but not at the level that he did on Wall Street. He spends a lot of time reading financial information and deciding what tech firms or biotech firms in the small-cap sector would make for a great investment. He doesn’t just do this for his own benefit, though. He writes a newsletter called Profits Unlimited where he shares his high level investment skills with his readers.

Paul Mampilly says that he really enjoys sharing his investment savvy with regular investors. He realized while working on Wall Street that all of his abilities to make money were just being used to make the really wealthy even wealthier which really doesn’t make any sense. That he can help average investors achieve their financial goals is far more satisfying than that type of life.

He doesn’t just invest in tech and biotech, though. Paul Mampilly is a keen observer of millennial generation and what they are buying. His research has noted that this generation, the largest in history, is facing a market where the average age of a house is 37 years old. This means that millennials are buying homes older than themselves. They also can’t afford to buy any home in certain markets, especially on the coasts in cities like New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

So what does he think is a solution and how can investors profit from it? Paul Mampilly points to those companies in the home building industry. Their stock is down this year due to various factors but that means you can buy their stock when its low in a solid home construction ETF. It gives exposure to the millennial generation which is an increasingly great position to take.

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