Philanthropist and Human Rights Activist- Adam Milstein

He is passionate about humanitarian. Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel then He moved to the United States of America. Mr. Adam is an Israel-American who is passionate about the people from his country and live abroad. For an extended period, he has been working and partnering with other organizations as well as like-minded individuals who support pro-Israel activism as well as Israelites education. Mr. Milstein has been known for his leadership and boldness, he is the founder of Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation as well as the Chairman of Israel-America Council.

Adam Milstein has been an author on JNS, and he has mainly been writing about racism and intolerance. Recently he wrote an article about the issue and he majored in anti-semitism which has been the pillar of Muslim movement. According to Adam, the Muslim movement is a major contributor of sharing ideas hate and bigotry. The radical leftist had also joined hand with the Muslim movement to do acts that were in-human among them stoning women, condemning of gays, as well as undermining the less advantaged in the community. Mr. Milstein has been working with others to promote the rights of humanity.

Adam Milstein is not a philanthropist and a property manager, but he has been experiencing his desires as well as feelings through writing. He is among the few people who have been seeing the world in a different perspective. In his writing he has focused on two matches which were held in the United States of America; The Slutwalk Chicago, and the Chicago Dyke March. During the marches, Adam says that the organizers went ahead to support policy and went ahead to invite a Palestinian terrorist as the speaker.

Whatever Adam Milstein has been doing has been vital in the community and the results are evident. He is dedicated to educating the world about what is happening around them and how to fight for their rights. Adam is an activist who is also considered as an eye-opener to many who know and rely on his advocacy. Adam Milstein’s only way of getting information from the world is through writing.