Professional Event Planners Can Take Away The Party Planning Stress

Planning a party can be a stressful event; however, there are experts out there who can offer advice that can take some of the party planning stress away. The first key is to be organized and one way you can accomplish that is by keeping lists. Typically you should have three lists, the first one being the main list that you can track all the tasks that need to be accomplished. The second list is the shopping list this way you have a handle on everything you need to purchase and can pick up a few items over time when you are in the stores. Finally the guest list where you can keep track of who is coming and any special needs a guest might have such as allergies. It can also help to pick a theme for the party as this will help keep you focused on ideas and meal choices. Another way to cut stress, is by having a self-serve bar where guests can have a good time creating their own cocktails. You can also put out wine a champagne for other self-serve options. Another way to keep thing stress free, is my serving a bunch of different appetizers for food. Many can be made ahead of time and it cuts down on clean up after the party. Finally take an hour before the party to relax so when your guests arrive you have ready to enjoy the party as well.

If you feel you need professional help for your party there are plenty of event planners in NYC that can assist you such as 23 Layers. 23 Layers is the premier event planning company in NYC and they can help with all your party planning needs. 23 Layers was founded Jessica Boskoff who prior to founding the company, worked for two of New York’s high end hospitality firms.

23 Layers will take care of every detail of your upcoming event from the venue selection, the music, photography all the way down to insurance for the event. Jessica and her team will take all of the guess work out of your future event and it will be sure to be a great success.

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